Grade Tech is proud to welcome Charlie King, Heavy Equipment Operator, to the team. Charlie brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to Grade Tech, with more than 8 years of construction experience including 3 years as an Operator. He started at Grade Tech on July 4th.

“Charlie is a great addition to the Grade Tech team,” said Rory Hall, COO and co-founder of Grade Tech, “In addition to his experience and knowledge, he brings a great work ethic and attitude, fitting in well with our culture of cooperation and teamwork.”

A life-long Riverton resident, Charlie King developed an interest in construction as a kid. His dad and other members of the extended family were construction guys and Charlie dreamed of following in their footsteps. With plenty of Tonka trucks and other construction toys, he began learning the basics in early childhood.

When he turned 18, Charlie got his official start in the business at Noland & Son Construction where he worked as a laborer for six months before moving on to laying pipe. Charlie says it was a great start and credits his foreman for showing him the ropes and making his first job a great learning experience. In fact, Charlie still keeps in touch with that foreman and hopes to someday follow in his footsteps, moving into a foreman role so that he can pass along his knowledge and experience to the younger generation.

After leaving Noland, Charlie did a 2-year stretch at JWright Companies and then went to the South Jordan Water Utilities. He later returned to JWright where he got his first opportunity as an Operator. He then continued his career at Newman Construction and after a brief stint there, joined Grade Tech.

Grade Tech, Charlie says, affords him the opportunity to learn a different way of doing things. “I’ve done dirt work, but not in the power industry,” he explained. “I welcome the chance to develop new skills and have the opportunity to advance to a foreman position in the future.”

It is obvious to everyone that works with him that Charlie loves what he does and takes pride in his work. He says that he likes the satisfaction he gets from “making shit look good” and enjoys the perks of the job, including working outdoors and the opportunity to see new things when traveling to new towns.

He believes the key to success in the construction business – or any other business, for that matter – is to listen, pay attention, and continue learning every day. That is how you hone your craft and go from running a machine to operating the machine. “Anyone can get on a machine and play, but it’s a lot harder to operate,” he explained. “Running and operating are different. Anyone can play with the controls, but to cut a grade, and do the job without messing things up, is operating it.”

When he’s not at work, Charlie loves to spend time in the great outdoors, hiking, fishing, camping, playing softball, and side-by-side riding or off-roading. He also participates in a local bowling league and likes his beer.

Please join us in welcoming Charlie to the Grade Tech team!