Grade Tech

Safe and steady for the win.

Grade Tech Power Services adamantly believes that safety is essential.  First and foremost we care about employee health and happiness and want to avoid all accidents.  To set our team up for success we offer employees almost all necessary personal protective equipment.  This includes fire-resistant shirts, pants, vests, sweatshirts, coats, hardhats, safety glasses, gloves and winter boots.  Grade Tech also offers on-the-job training on many safety topics and daily procedures.  Spotting and awareness are a couple examples of constant necessities practiced on our job sites.  Grade Tech has daily crew safety tailboards and monthly company-wide safety meetings.  Maintaining black and white safety expectations with multiple avenues providing knowledge to our team members, Grade Tech Services has been accident-free for over 10 years.

Core Values.


Training and Development

At Grade Tech Services, our team develops new skills daily.  To facilitate growth, Grade Tech offers open-door communication between all employees, new and experienced.  We also offer compensation for substation entry training, Osha 10-hour training courses, and have a Class B CDL program for those employees that do not already have one.  Grade Tech allows employees supervised operating time that have not done so in the past.  It is our goal to build the best team we can and we look at our current crews for advancement opportunities before hiring outside of the company.
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