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Utah all terrain loader services.

We are proud to be one of the only companies in Utah that owns and operates this outstanding machinery. It has always been our belief that in order to provide top of the line service, you need to invest in your team and their equipment.

On-Site Loading.

One of the advantages of the AT7 is the ability to tackle the largest of jobs by setting up continuous operation onsite. The AT7 is easily loaded from either the side or the rear and can throw rock and sand up to 160 feet at rates up to 4 tons per minute.

Off Road Accessibility.

Accessibility is the key for the AT7. Its ability to reach areas with off road access combined with its speed, accuracy, and agility, makes it far more productive than any other method for large projects. Its all-wheel drive, rough terrain suspension and traction tires combined with its powerful drive system will take you where you couldn’t go before.

Remote Operation.

The CAS All-Terrain is controlled entirely with remote control for all systems. It allows the operator to work from any vantage point for better safety and accuracy.

Adjustable Leveling.

The All-Terrain has an automatic/remote controlled tilting feature for leveling the equipment on uneven terrain. The self-leveling feature provides stability during operation on sloped areas of application.

CAS AT7 Slinger.

Watch the video below to learn more about the CAS-AT7 Slinger, its capabilities and what we can do for you.

Download the CAS-AT7 Slinger brochure.


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