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Since 2005, Grade Tech Services has provided quality excavation and grading services across the Northwest.  Licensed in Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Idaho, Wyoming and Utah, our team is travel-ready and ready to showcase our quality standard of work.
Along with quality, Grade Tech’s core values include safety, training, communication, and accountability.  We believe that with proper training, thorough communication and holding team members accountable, GTS will continue providing a safe work environment and a quality product.
Grade Tech Services recognizes it’s employees as its strongest asset.  Without their experience, expertise, and effort, we would not be where we are today.  It is our mission to provide a safe workplace so employees can spend quality time with family and enjoy their time after work.  In addition to training and communication, Grade Tech Services holds safety tailboards daily, company-wide safety meetings monthly provide all P.P.E. and necessary equipment to ensure a safety-first culture.
Technology is valued highly within Grade Tech as well.  Pairing tools such as rock slingers (CAS-7), GPS enabled heavy equipment, our in-house survey department, and aviation with our experienced crews, Grade Tech is always competitive and prepared.

Core Company Values



Providing a safe work environment for employees and customers is our #1 priority.


Methodical preparation and years of experience are pivotal on our high-quality civil engineering projects.


From operating excavators in high voltage substations to steam cleaning equipment, our team receives thorough training and instruction in all aspects of operations.


Through transparent communication and an organized management structure, there is no grey area.  We are able to hold all employees accountable for their actions.


We believe in 100% open communication between both employees and customers.  Utilizing our communication platform, each employee can maintain an open door policy both in the field and office.

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