About Grade Tech

Grade Tech Services is a family-owned company dedicated to providing grading and excavating services exclusively to power generation companies across the US. We are committed to our customers – providing the highest quality, most reliable services in the industry – and our employees – helping them to build sustainable careers and better lives.

We are experienced in performing the full gamut of excavating and grading services for the power industry, including right of way roadways/pathways for power line installation and site work for new substations, substation expansion and substation demolition. We also provide reclamation and restoration services.

At Grade Tech Services, we value people above all else. Safety for our customers and our employees comes first. Along with safety, we are dedicated to training, communication and accountability. We invest in the latest equipment and civil engineering technology in order to provide the highest quality work in the least possible time at a fair price.

Headquartered in Midvale, Utah, we are licensed in Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Idaho, Wyoming and Utah. With our aviation fleet, our team is travel-ready – we can be anywhere in the Northwest U.S. in 24 hours, and are ready, willing and able to expand our footprint across the nation.

Putting Our Experience to Work for the Power Industry

“Dirt is in our blood” is an appropriate motto for the Hall family. What better way to describe three generations of excavators and graders? Co-owner and Chief Operating Officer, Rory Hall is at the helm of this family-owned and operated company today, following in the footsteps of his father, Billy, and his grandfather, Bill before him.


Continuing the Tradition

The equipment and technology we use may have changed significantly over the years, but we haven’t changed the way we do business.

Grade Tech Power Service was built on the premise that to provide superior service, you need to invest in both equipment and people. To that end, we strive to keep pace with the latest equipment. We also go to great lengths to provide a safe work environment, advanced training, a sustainable work/life balance and opportunity for career growth for our team members. We value our employees above all else.

“We’ve built this business to where it is today by providing reliable, high-quality services with integrity and a focus on people,” explains Rory. “Our team is our extended family; we value them and aim to provide a sustainable career as well as favorable and safe working conditions.”






Providing a safe work environment for employees and customers is our #1 priority.


Methodical preparation and years of experience are pivotal on our high-quality civil engineering projects.


From operating excavators in high voltage substations to steam cleaning equipment, our team receives thorough training and instruction in all aspects of operations.


Through transparent communication and an organized management structure, there is no grey area. We are able to hold all employees accountable for their actions.


We believe in 100% open communication between both employees and customers. Utilizing our communication platform, each employee can maintain an open door policy both in the field and office.


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