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Be fulfilled daily working at Grade Tech. We encourage autonomy, allow growth and teach life skills.

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We believe in safety through quality training, communication and accountability. See what sets Grade Tech apart.

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Grade Tech Services specializes in grading, dirt moving, pad building, excavation and complex civil engineering on high-regulated projects

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AT7 Slinger.


We are proud to be one of the few companies in Utah that has this top of the line equipment. Please contact our office to see how we can utilize our new slingers to help with your excavation project.



Keep Safety From Going Frigid

Sure winter hazards exist such as hypothermia and ice slips, and these should be addressed. But a hidden threat is the rush that the cold puts workers into. People [...]
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More Funny But Unsafe Photos From R/OSHA

These photos come from Spot that safety violation! HOLD MY LEGS, I’M GOING IN!   /u/wontbemad WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG? [...]
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Portable Electric Generator Safety

Source: With weather having an impact on electrical service in many parts of our nation, some [...]
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Best Pics From /R/OSHA is an online community that posts pictures of OSHA violations or things related to OSHA compliance. Here are some recent posts. HOW TO [...]
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Backing Safety Solutions – Spotter

Source: Spotters are a proven method of protecting employees on foot behind vehicles with an obstructed view, [...]
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Check Before you Move

You’ve probably seen the havoc heavy construction equipment can cause. Maybe you know of someone who was killed or badly injured by being run over or backed [...]
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Be Alert of Moving Equipment

When construction equipment is rumbling around a project, you’ve got to watch your step. If both construction workers and equipment operators keep their eyes [...]
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New Hire Procedure & Training

New Hire Procedure & Training: New employees have the highest risk of being in an accident on the job. Grade Tech Services specifically works with new hires to [...]
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General Safety Procedures

General Safety Procedure: “Take 5” for Safety: Before each workday when the crew arrives on the jobsite and after lunch the supervisor will lead the team in a “Take [...]
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